The Big Walk

I thought I would step up the walking time today and located an area that was suggested by someone I met yesterday. The location is in a south westerly point on the island. Starting from Walter Frank Road, via Te Wharau Bay and around Park Point. The terrain was very slippery, with steep inclines and numerous steps taking me through narrow apertures nestled between ancient ferns and gnarled twisted branches. Having to look down for grip and stability, the walk at times felt more like a gym work out than a spiritual poetic experience. But I know I have absorbed like litmus paper some visceral elements of information, a sense of the place and its secret alchemy of ingredients, as yet to be processed in the studio.

After the walk I drove back to the studio and spent the afternoon making drawings and towards the end of the day layed down some blue hued colours and intuitive marks and painterly rhythmic flourishes to try to unlock what I felt and saw earlier on in the day.

At 3.45pm I had a strange sense that I was experiencing the fact that Lisa was fast asleep 11,5000 miles away, eyes closed and inhabiting another space. The realisation hit me of being so far away from home. Its strange how we are governed in life by the conventions of time, light and dark and day and night.

Waiheke Island Artist in Residence

Several months ago I sent off an application for an artist in residency programme on Waiheke Island at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery. I don’t usually do such things,  I have always thought it was something that other artists did and there was a mysterious knack or technique of writing the right thing. It might also be about acting when the right opportunity arises. Anyway I did apply and hey presto I got the gig.

The residency is for three months followed by a solo exhibition in the gallery. My proposal is to make a body of paintings that explores alternative ways of representing the landscape. Recently I have been making paintings that explore the landscape through GPS mapping, walking the landscape and recording my movement resulting in some line forms, this quality of line can find its way into my paintings. For sometime I have been aware that walking doesn’t always mean seeing, you can walk a mile and not remember seeing anything because the brain has decided that it wants to think about something else something internal. Also their may be a latent image tucked away in your subconscious that finds its way in the paintings in the studio.

I am looking forward to making a series of paintings that has a sense of flow to them and I want to open myself up to new discoveries.