To the summit of Rangitoto

Rangitoto is a volcanic island near to Auckland it is an iconic and strongly visible landmark with a distinctive symmetrical cone like hill rising 260 metres. Rangitoto is Maori for ‘Bloody Sky’ and was active around 600 years ago. Over the years windswept seeds have made there home on this unforgiving volcanic lava which gradually became more fertile over hundreds of years through decomposition of plant matter. It now has the largest forest of Pohutumawa trees in the world as well as many northern rata trees.

Approaching the island on the Fullers Ferry boat, the island has the most welcoming and tranquil Bay. The route takes you through dense woodland on a lava dust pathway up and around to the lava caves and then up to the summit. On this bright and sunny day the views from the top are breathtaking and inspiring.

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