Auckland Art Fair

Today I visited Auckland Art Fair with Geoff and Lesley Land who are patrons of the Waiheke Community Art Gallery, they have kindly escorted me to the art fair and helped me find my bearings around the city. The art fair is quite small compared to New York, London and Miami, but none the worse for it; easy to navigate and not overwhelming. To my surprise and delight we found some excellent paintings and well considered arrangements of sculpture and conceptual works.

Lisa Reihana’s work was excellent, pigment prints on paper mounted on panel behind acrylic glass. I had seen her panoramic video installation last year at The Venice Biennale (2017) it was truly one of the standout pieces of the festival. These static pieces are a great reminder of my trip to Venice.

The painting above is one of the artists showing at the Two Rooms Gallery, Rohan Hartley Mills, Golden Lifestyle, 2017 looked fresh and the stand was excellent. I also enjoyed the Shaun Waugh minimalist pieces using old Kodak boxes and what looked like inlayed painted panels of yellow- a real delight.

Less is more, Colin Mc Cahon, South Canterbury Rain 1968, synthetic polymer paint on board. See below for shots of other works throughout the fair.

Outside the art fair we visited the Lighthouse which is an artwork by Michael Pārekowhai. Its exterior is in the form of a 1:1 scale 1950s family home and its interior features an installation of light as well as a sculpture of Captain Cook, titled The English Channel. It is surrounded by a wooden jetty that ‘floats’ on Queens Wharf. The public can explore the work by looking in its windows, through its door and by climbing the staircase.

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