Nature is Boss

While walking the coastline around the island it struck me how vivid, robust and unforgiving the untamed natural world can be. Each view, great and magnificent, each step revealing a complex orchestration of form, colour and texture – Nature is Boss. As an artist I like to draw out and extract small elements from the natural world so that I have some information to begin paintings in the studio.

Today I took a drive to the east side of the island from Onetangi and through the reserve on unmade roads up to the very high point called Stony Batter, where there are large standing stones and WWII tunnels and a viewing area. I didn’t stay long as the weather was turning to rain and the light was fading. I continued my drive around to Orapiu and back west to home. It felt like quite an adventure and the hard winding drive paid off with breath taking views of the shoreline and the unusual interior views of the multiple hump like hills which seemed majestically ancient. How does one represent such a landscape and reveal its depths and sensations?

‘Painting is but another word for feeling’ John Constable

One of the best aspects of participating on this art residency is the time it gives to focus on the present, unhindered by distractions of everyday life.


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